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Higher Ranking- Higher Exposure-Higher Traffic for the High ROI

Use Keyword Strategy to Grow and Drive Your Sales

  • Product/Service specific Keyword Research
  • Site Auditing to reach the top position on SERP
  • On-Page SEO through Meta Tags and Blogs
  • Strategizing to make sure that the search engine crawls through your site with ease
  • Attracting Local Traffic with Local SEO
  • Promoting and Branding with Long-Term Recall Impact in Mind
  • Create Trustworthiness
  • 24x7 Monitoring of Traffic and Conversion rate

Is E-commerce SEO really Beneficial?

Today, customers are all over the internet, browsing through for the tiniest things they need. But, to be successful in the digital world, you need to stop right in front of your customer.

44% of the people Google for what they need
37.5% of traffic comes from the search engine o your e-commerce site
23.6% of the order are organically generated
88% of customers research before making a purchase
73% of customers only check the first page
50% do a local search and visit the store within a day
About 70% of customers visit the Business if it's visible on Google Maps
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Read ahead to see why we are a fit for your Business.

  • Methods that have been proved to deliver results
  • Provide E-commerce SEO Services(Singapore) after research of the Market Environment
  • We have a team of diverse members who can cater to the specific needs of the Business
  • A separate team of Content Creators who work on Creating Engaging Content
  • A Project Manager to keep our clients and us connected
  • Affordable packages with quality work
  • Team members who have working experience enough to tackle any sudden algorithm changes
  • Delivery of performance tracking record every day/week/month, as is required
  • Planning of Strategies with being on top in mind

E-commerce SEO Services to Reach Your Target Audience

Let Us Help you get the Visibility you Deserve
  • Understanding What You Do: Every step we take is in accordance with the strategy that we formulate specifically for your Business Growth. This is why we study your Business, to strengthen parts where it’s needed.
  • Site Audit: This gives us an insight into how the strategy is working and what changes are required. With our 24×7 services and Site Audit, getting a higher SERP Ranking becomes assured.
  • Backlink Audit: We identity all the links points to your website, check which are bad and good and develop a strategy around them.
  • Keyword Reach and Content Creation: We discover keywords closely related to your business and increase customer engagement. We implement these keywords into attention-gabbing content to retain customers on the page for as long as possible.
  • Studying Competitors: We keep competitors on close watch to avoid any surprises and to stay in trend. In addition, it helps in standing out from the common lot.
  • Local SEO: Being visible online works wonders, being visible offline works like a miracle. It will help you gain Branding build on trust, thereby bringing in loyal customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information related to SEO and SEM, contact Digital Marketing Company in Singapore EZIOM.

E-commerce SEO is a process by which the Visibility of a website can be increased. E-commerce SEO works to increase the SERP Ranking, which thereby helps in generating traffic. So if your website appears on top of the SERP when people search for related products/services, you have a higher possibility of making a conversion.
The vitality of SEO lies in the fact that a business can get lost in the sea of competing Businesses, and SEO gives that edge that helps in getting noticed. In addition, the probability of a potential customer clicking on your site gets higher if your Ranking is higher, which can be achieved with a quality SEO strategy.
Typically, you have about 0.5 seconds to show the customer visiting your website why you are worth the investment. You can do this with UX/UI designs to help you with a seamless performance to impress your potential customer. We at Eziom use this knowledge to create that often unused advantage, giving you a competitive edge.
Generally, this process takes around 3 to 6 months. Note that it is a continuous process, and patience is hence vital.
This is a question that can be answered only after considering your Business. But, rest assured, we customise our packages according to the need of our clients, and hence we will respect your budget.

Performance tracking

Our team measures all the required parameters from time to time. We manage and update the content, we will frequently check if the pages are ranking and will tweak them to perform better.

For more information related to SEO and SEM, contact Digital Marketing Company in Singapore Eziom.