Food Ordering Solution


A full suite of F&B ordering software that is easy to use and manage


Reduce Headcount & Operational Costs

Less training required and reduces time needed as well as minimize errors of manual order taking.
Reduce operational costs as kitchen gets automated orders and updates directly at the kitchen.
Reduce waiter costs as customers can place their own orders directly.
Reduce time wastage as kitchen gets a consolidated view of multiple orders and can now cook same dish belonging to these orders at one time.

Improved productivity for all staff roles (waiter, kitchen staff, cashier) : Fully automated, seamless end to end flow linking all parties lead to reduced lead time from the placing of order to the serving of the dishes and finally to the payment of bill.

Great Customer Experience

Reduce customers’ waiting time of ordering to the actual serving of food & beverage
Customers can see what they ordered and the total amount that they will spend.

Customers can pre-order (for Dine-in or Takeaway) before entering the restaurant. This shortens customers’ waiting time of ordering even further.

Interactive and Easy Access
of Menu to place, add dishes and to review order.

Easy-to-use Backend Content Management System

Hosted on cloud, you may perform real-time update of menus anytime, anywhere.

Stronger Consumer Attention.

Videos have been proven to demand more consumer attention than any other medium.


Easy tracking of specific orders and the total revenue amount by time periods.

Track inventory usage, which will allow better management of ingredients ordering

Seamless End-To-End Workflow for All Parties

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