Integrated Marketing Platform

Online Marketing

An All In One Integrated Digital Marketing Platform

A state-of-the art, All-In-One technology platform designed to help Small-Medium Businesses (SMB’s) succeed online. Its purpose is to address the challenges of service providers and their SMB customers.

All In One Design Philosophy

The All-In-One design philosophy enables full integration between all features. This cuts down on fulfillment time, and enables reusing SMB content and data across all platforms and online products. Furthermore, it allows offering “big brand marketing” at a cost SMBs can afford.

Full Digital Cycle

The platform supports the full cycle of an SMB customer, from acquisition to retention:

Presence -> Traffic & Engagement -> Lead Conversion -> Customer Handling.

The platform comprises the following modules within a single, integrated platform:

Presence & e-Commerce


Cross Platform e-Commerce


Multi Channel Coupon


Traffic & Engagement


Social Apps


Social Posting


Advertising Manager




Lead Conversion


Customer Connect / Engage


Call Me Back


Lead Booster / Before You Go


Customer Handling


SMB Dashboard




Email & SMS Campaign

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