Why Mobile Websites?

Mobile Websites

The Trend and Needs

  • The popularity of powerful smart phone and mobile devices along with the advancement of 4G technology result to a raising trend of mobile browsing.
  • With this shift and growth towards mobile, it presents your business with both opportunities and threats.
  • Unfortunately, most SMB websites are designed for PC browsing rather than for small screen mobile devices. Hence, mobile users encounter slow loading and unfriendly navigation resulting to frustration and lost sales for business.
  • Unlike PC browsers, mobile users tend to be act within 24 hours after connecting with the businesses web sites.
  • With mobile features such as click-to-call, click-to-email and more, mobile web sites generate more mobile leads that translate to sales for businesses.

EZIOM Mobile Web Site Technology

  • EZIOM uses proven technology from our partners which is widely used in many European countries and the US by many large corporations.
  • By combining this advanced technology with our customized services, EZIOM can quickly transforms your websites to high quality mobile friendly sites. User will experience conveniences and ease while connecting with your business.
  • Our technology retains the look and feel of your existing web. This allows mobile users to experience the same emotional impacts associated to your company's branding.
  • Our customized services ensure you that the mobile site fulfill your needs and requirements of your business.

The Benefits

  • Your EZIOM optimized mobile web site will offer an incredible mobile surfing experience for mobile users. These users will experience your marketing message regardless of what devise they are using.
  • The mobile friendly features incorporated in your EZIOM mobile web site will help you to capture leads, secure more sales, and create a stronger connection with your users.
  • Our product also features the latest technology, including Facebook integration, blogs, social sharing capabilities, video insertion and more. So you utilize social media to improve your SEO and business.
  • On top of that, our experienced IT experts are specialist in mobile SEO. They will be able to help your business increase its ranking and attract more customers.
  • Finally, our online and local telephone customer support will provide you a peace of mind. We can be easily contactable immediate to render support and solve issues.

Key Features


CMS and changes

The customers can use our dashboard to make changes using our WYSIWYG CMS editor. Users can update data and make simple adjustment to their web site contents.


Mobile visitors can place a call from a single click to a specified phone number. It's the easiest way to have potential customers contact your business.

Google Maps

Automatically generate and add a Google Map page so that mobile users can easily find your business and reach you.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery / Album allow customers to display photos which looks completely integrated within their mobile website with the same look & feel.


Inject blogs into the mobile site with the click of a button to instantly add conversational content that updates in real time.

Audio/Video Clips

Embed YouTube videos and audio clips into mobile pages to augment different types of content.

Preview Emulator

Our Preview Emulator enables users to view the mobile web page exactly as it would appear on a mobile device after it goes live on the Internet. Users can preview any changes instantly without needing a real WAP mobile phone. More than 12,000 mobile phones are supported including all iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and Nokia phones.

Redirection of Mobile Users

Mobile visitors can be seamlessly redirected from the regular website to the mobile website. They are identified via device detection and are redirected to the mobile site using a redirect code which is generated by EZIOM and pasted into the website.

Search Engine Optimization

The top search engines recognize websites that have a mobile version, and ranks such sites higher on mobile search results.

Social Sharing

EZIOM social sharing feature enables mobile users to share information directly from their mobile site via Facebook, Twitter, Email, and SMS.

Mobile Analytics

EZIOM sites keep track of mobile site visitors, traffic, page views, unique visits and more.

QR Code

EZIOM generates a unique QR code for each mobile site it generates so that mobile users can easily access the mobile site.


Hosting of the mobile site is offered as part of the service.