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Whether you've finally decided to check out a SEO company, or you are thinking of changing to a new one, you've made the right call looking at SEO from EZIOM. We take pride in the work we deliver to our customers. We believe in quality work and results delivery which will value add to your website and hence your business.

If you want an SEO company that goes the extra mile, come speak to us, and you will understand how we can make a difference to your business.

Why You Need Search Engine Optimization?

Based on various studies, majority of people prefer to click on organic search results rather than sponsored results, and the difference is substantial. A recent study reported that approximately 80% of Internet users start their shopping in search engines before they buy a product or service online. Hence, it is critical for the success of your business to be listed in the top listings for your specific keywords.

Forward-Thinking SEO

Our vision is not only to improve your website's visibility within the search engines, but to drive relevant traffic to your website that will eventually converts.

This is more than the standard optimization techniques. We leverage on our knowledge, experience and more importantly our dedication, innovation and creativity to deliver you the best results. Call us now at +65 6694 0123 and understand more from us how our solution will help you in the critical first step to achieve your business objectives.

Why Choose Us?


Full On Page Re-optimization of your website

The ‘On Page' optimization phase of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process consists of restructuring your website's code so that your chosen targeted keywords are more prevalent. As a result, search engines will recognize your website as more relevant to those keywords and move it higher and nearer to the top of the search results.

We Constantly Strategize

Our experience in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry comes into play when dealing with search engines' constantly changing parameters. We keep abreast of the changes and have managed to adapt and maintain our clients' positions every time.

Measurable Reporting

The good news is that there is no more guess work needed about your ROI. With us, you will be provided with your current rankings and regular updates on your online traffic with comparison to your previous records so that you are able to measure your progress.

We Can Cater For All Budgets

Be it small SME or established businesses, we will make your budget work in the best possible way to achieve the results which will make a difference to your business. Just tell us your business objectives/needs along with your budget and we will propose to you a solution and explain to you how it will work to achieve your business goals.

Result Guaranteed – 100% Risk Free

Yes, results are guaranteed when you work with us! This is how confident our team is when it comes to delivery. In any case whereby targeted results is not achieved within 6 months, the monthly management fee will be refunded to you. This will be applicable even when there's improvement in your ranking, however, we are not able to meet the target results. Moving forward from there, you will only need to pay us the management fees once we achieve the promised results.

Our packages are customized based on the customer budget and needs. Please send us your website and we will revert with a Free Quote to you.